Welcome to Wordgrove!!
They are ancient now, these Trees. Their green is darker, their leaves fewer, and they don't stand as straight as in their youth. Deep-rooted in years, older than seasons, they are wise in the ways of Earth.

They are tired these days, and think often of Sleep...but not yet. They cannot. First, you must plant the covenant seed that will grow to take their place.

Do you write and they find your words etched on their leaves, they have been waiting. They are centuries ancient, and theirs is the patience of ages. Plant here and they will shelter you; it is their nature...sturdy guards standing sentry watch brooding over words.  Yours.     
             Welcome to Wordgrove!!

             ~ The Wordgrove Forest Library ~
A wooded haven for the curious and the questing spirit,
a center for those with stories and those who love fables,
home of the arcane, the poetic, the common;
a sanctuary for lovers, dreamers, and writers in doubt,
for all they imagine, and all their worlds in the ink of creation.
~ . ~
...scattered thoughts like flowers
from planted seed in Wordgrove
There are Grandfather Trees in Wordgrove
each a sprout that sought a part
and got the selfsame start
as the birth of art and you 
Life from naught
windblown chance and fortune fraught
from budding thought
the plant of creation seed
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