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            One man... two worlds... three sisters... four stories
                                         Speculative fiction.                  We are not alone.
Wordgrove Post & Review

   Voices from the past join one another, share space and take issue with each other in new ways. 
  The Post & Review uses Quotes.

   ...mines the gems of literature and strings them on a necklace of meaning and beauty.
   ~U. Ben Duped

​The Post & Review's Theme Words page, with links  
from: The Wordgrove Files

          comes a knock
          Bartok and the Bard at the Bar None Saloon  
          Last Train to Clarksville
         Echo World
Four stories that link to another way of thinking. It's not a matter of believing, only of considering other possibilities.           There have to be other possibilities...

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Prologue to Archipelago: The Prequel Series