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One man...two worlds...three sisters...four stories. 
Speculative fiction. We are not alone.

Two worlds are joined at the Membrane, Archipelago and Earth. One world of islands lives by a law that relies on four societies for its continuity and stability: Curio, its governing body, the Questors Guild, the League of Assassins, and the Mercenaries. A dark outlying island possesses a treasure of unexpected properties and value. The other world thrives on competition, and advances by channeling its chaos.

A troubled questor encounters three sisters of royal lineage in his travels. There is magic and poetry in their stories ... and something more. There are Others. An epic adventure:  Archipelago
Four short books combine to tell one story of an alien world, Earth, and a dynasty in transition: Archipelago
In sequence, the titles are:  Noble Gabe Alone, Absinthe & Badge, Ginger Leigh, The Good Night World

The Prequel Series
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​Sample chapter, Book 1:  Prologue
Due to publication issues, Archipelago has been
withdrawn from print, and will be released as part 
of a two book set in late spring.