show me

fence :
show me a fence from here to horizon
show me a fence that sees both ways
show me a surround that protects its treasure
show me support along the way
show me the work and sweat of its upkeep
show me a fence weathered by storms
show me the breaks and
show me the mends in it
show me it standing
and i'll show you love

gate /
show me a gate swinging open or rising
show me it fortified or as curtains of air
show me a gate as a door to the borders
show me the entrance on your way out
show me learning the ins and outs of it
show me smuggling contraband knowledge
show me it closed and
i'll point out the path thru it
show me the gate
that proves a beyond

wall |
show me a wall as the bulwark of neighbors
show me its bulk for protection of wealth
show me it sealed for insurance of secrets
show me its fabric as a mask for the skin
show me this wall of intentional obstruction
show me this something meant to keep us apart
show me your borders your strictures of structure
your dikes and sandbags holding back floodtides
and i’ll show you grateful
against the freedoms of chaos   

bridge =
show me a bridge with a view overlooking
spanning highway and chasm and torrent of river
show me it soaring o'er its pigeon dirt underside
show me the time and labor i missed in the crossing
show me it one-wide that can only go one-way
show me it crowded with the commerce of life
let me ponder the wonder on yonder side of it
let me cross over tumult and the striving below
show me the arc but not the length of it
show me on the bridge wayfaring home

~ . ~