In Pursuit of Music
In Pursuit of Music
                                                         PART I

                         Music gives voice to joy and vision to voice
                         Moans and embodies the broke-heart blues
                         It frees the mind, employs the hands
                         Music animates the feet

                         Music heals and seals off poison 
                         Mends fences
                         Music builds a better bridge

                         Music is the essence of precision
                         And the forgiveness of every rule

                         Music lasers like love and amps it up

                         Music can be tuneless
                         The hum and Om of cosmos
                         A solo threadbare melody 
                         Or multitudes in harmony

                         Music can be wordless
                         Universal and sublime
                         Raucous or in rhapsody  
                         Make an instrument of rain  

                         Bring thousands to the mountain-top
                         With words and idiom added in
                         Move one to love or playfulness
                         Inspire patriotic fervor  
                         Music conspires with fate for thought
                         Fires up lyrics poetic and vatic 

                          A treasure house of memory
                         The key to unlock its door 
                         Both...but this is true
                         There is that thing where music fails
                         That common sin
                         That music cannot do....  


                                                      PART II

Seek the truth and you shall find it... maybe. Look to music for it and it will find you, always. Some, having sought truth, choose early from the shelf, then search for confirmation and their justification ever after. This is valid. Others continue the quest in disregard of price, charge, or consequence, and are rewarded accordingly. 

But some few are themselves discovered, and are visited by a different voice in a transcendent language where all is true, because there is no lie. This is the gift, divine and perfect in every culture  ~  that it is impossible to lie with music. You can trust a tune. 

Even words. Weave them, and spin their threads in music, dip what- ever lyrics in music, and even lies lose their sting in ballads. Sing them in a song that speeds them to the heart, and everyone who hears will feel them and know them to be true. 

Dissonant, unvarnished, pungent, but still authentic, tho it leaves you uncomfortable, music won’t mislead you. Even the leaf blower and the jackhammer cannot lie. 

In the search for sanctuary, for some refuge away from the camouflage and quibbles, from the whoppers, the fibs and distortions, then fortune made of this music-place a palace, with a roof that covers all. On this our threatened globe, our single, fragile, planet home, music is the single room where all may safely gather. Wed as One together, joined in common pleasure, we meet at peace and ease in music, a union of the heart.  


Postscript: The culinary arts, rich with kitchen aromas, and equally free of dyspeptic lies, can be found in the Room 103, next door.

~ . ~