“Oh yes! The vacant stare … you don’t see that?”

-Yeah, so?-

“So that’s the look of a feline mind rattling around inside a human brain. Not enough intelligence to light up her eyes.”

-Feline? You mean a cat?-


-You’re tellin’ me that a woman…-

“A naked woman.”

-Okay, yes, naked, but a woman layin’ out on top an upright piano is a cat? All respect, sir, I’m not buyin’ it.-

“No clothes. That doesn’t suggest anything to you?”

-Sure, cats don’t wear clothes, but that don’t mean nothin'.-

“See the way she lays there, stretched out just like…”

-…a cat. Yeah, I see that. But I still don’t see it ... sir. It's not possible.-

“And the way her foot falls on that piano key, the C note? I’m wondering if that’s her inside fighting the Cat, or trying to tell us something”

-That’s some pretty fancy imaginin', if you don’t mind my sayin’ so, sir.-

“It’s the Absinthe.”


“The bottle’s empty! She didn’t even finish her last drink. It’s the wormwood. Poison of genius. It’s the Absinthe, my man. She’s bewitched by it.”

-Oh lordy, she’s movin’. She’s sitting up!-


*Gentlemen, not her. It’s me, here, behind you … the witch of her bewitching. She's hungry, and it’s time we had a talk.*

 ~. .~

Photo by: Irakly Shanidze
Sarge: -Speaking-
Lieutenant Detective: "Speaking"